Jael Umerah-Makelemi

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My name is Jael and I’m a budding young female creative, ready to take on the world.

I started out as a graphic designer, but found my love for art direction thanks to D&AD.

I like to create work that can inspire and hopefully trigger change.

If I could be any animal, I'd be an octopus as I'd be able to do 8 things at once.

I was dubbed as the young Picasso at primary school and started charging for sketches and drawings. 

My hunger and drive is what pushes me forward every single day.

Send me an email at contact@jaelmakelemi.com if you wanna say hi!



Cream award winner 2019

Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs of the year- Future Talent Awards in partnership with Uptree &  J.P. Morgan 2019

Formula E in partnership with Iris- Brief winners 2019

Beats by Dre in partnership with AKQA- Best art direction & photography 2019


D&AD New blood Shift 

The h. Club Foundation

UCA Epsom- Art & Design Foundation Degree