Jael Umerah-Makelemi

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Insight:  Women competing against men will combat gender discrimination in motorsports.

Solution:  Formula Equal

All Formula E cars are the same, meaning the race is based on the drivers skill, (not the gender behind the wheel). By creating the first female racing team and mixed-gender race, we’re leveling the playing field, showing how fierce and relentless female racers are.

Vlogging through Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Women are often called bad drivers. I want to show how BAD (ASS) they are with a stunt aimed to challenge that stereotype.

A racer zooms down city streets, showcasing their relentless driving skills. Passers by watch in awe, sharing the stunt on social media. The racer skids round corners avoiding any obstacles.The streets are narrow and the roads are rough- anything can happen. The racer then stops and takes off their helmet, revealing a fierce. Female. Driver.