Insight: There’s so much negative media surrounding the younger generation, that the positive achievements go unnoticed.

Solution: 15-17 year olds are often left feeling like they have to work twice as hard to get noticed. I want to highlight all of their positive achievements, cutting through the negative image the media portrays of them.

The hashtag is a powerful symbol that is often misused. I want to re-establish the hashtag as a symbol that can spark change. Each statue will be designed by artists from those areas.

The installations will appear in locations that are often in the media for negative reasons surrounding young people. 

The instillation will have a contactless feature that allows people to donate to community projects in partnership with NCS and local councils.

Community Crime Maps exist, but Community Achievement Maps don't. This is the first map that tracks positive achievements within communities across the UK.

Jael Umerah-Makelemi

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